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[Jiny Diet] Today's workout Is about making the thighs tight and slim And also burning the fat, [Fat Burning_Legs] Wowwww~ One more workout playlist is added now. Fat Burning Workout Routine. The workouts I am going to put in here are Muscular strength 6 : aerobic exercise 4, for a certain part of the body Or muscular strength 7 : aerobic exercise 3 It is a workout routine That you can make muscle from, and burn the fat at the same time With one workout. It will be an amazing rountine. The first Fat Burning workout routine is for the legs. It is an workout through which You can make your thighs slim and tight And certainly get rid of cellulite. Females who workout alone, Often do the leg workout wrong And use much of the front thigh. To prevent that, I brought the center of gravity backward. If you listen to the the point explanations in the video, And follow the routine, Your thighs will never get thicker But get slimmer and be in shape And you can also get perky hips.

[The workout order is like below] Let's start the workout. [Put your palms on the wall in the height similar to your shoulders] [About a fist size difference between the feet] [Put the tips of your feet, two and a half steps away from the wall] Breathing out Push your hips backward as far as you can and lower your upper body. You can think that from your usual squats, You are lowering more of your upper body And pushing the bottom more backward. [Example of wrong posture]
At this point, it is important Not to bend your waist or abdomen But to keep pushing the bottoms more back.

[Like the bottom of a duck!] Breathing out, We will push one leg at a time, each to the back. At the same time, for the upper body, similar with the previous move Though it may be hard, don't just kick your legs. [Example of wrong posture / Bent back (Bent waist and abdomen)]
But try to put strength on Making the bottoms go back.

Only then the workout can be more helpful On making more beautiful legs and apple hips. Breathing out, the legs one by one [View from above]
Move them back diagonally. Imagine You are stepping on the outside of the mat with the tip of your foot. If you feel pressure on your trapezius, Focus on the power to pull down your shoulder Or lower your hands a little bit. Keep on thinking of pushing the bottoms back.

Calm your breath down, And bring your feet back to the first posture. We will go through the same squat again. Keep from your head to the waist in a straight line. When you go down, Put the crown of your head right before it can touch the wall. [View from above]
Breath out and put your legs one by one back diagonally. Though you are starting to run out of breath, hold it and keep on. Better than walking for an hour, 5 minutes of this has much more effect. [View from above]
Breathe out and put your legs one by one farther back diagonally. Imagine you are pushing your leg twice farther than the previous move. Now, put your back on the wall A fist size difference between the feet. Stand three and a half steps away from the wall. [Three and a half steps from wall] Put your left sole on the wall.

Breathe out and lifting your arms to the sky, lower your upper body. If you feel pressure on your trapezius, You can put your hands on your waist and continue. Though you feel like falling down, trying to stay in balance can help use the core muscles. So, focus more, don't give up, and keep going. We will switch the feet and do the same. Not to bend the abdomen and waist, [Example of wrong posture
Careful not to bend your back, *Waist and abdomen*!]
Keep your bottoms rounded back.

This posture is very difficult, right? We have one more posture, so hold on a little more. Lastly, a fist size difference between feet. Breathing out, lower your upper body and raise your hands to the sky. Likewise, if you feel pressure on your trapezius, You can put your hands down on your waist. Well done. Well done. It really was a tough workout today, So we will give each other a longer applause.

You can do this leg workout Every other day for two weeks. Why in every other day? You can do it everyday, But it will be tough. It is enough to do it every other day. After you do this workout every other day [*Every other day* Fat burning leg workout 2 sets, calves stretching 1 set /
2-week-Leg fat burning workout plan]
If you follow my calves stretching video as well It will be so good. [Jiny Diet] I'd love for you to Subscribe & Like. [I decided to lose only 1kg in a month / You can find the book in big nationwide book stores and online book stores].

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