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We all want to lose weight, but it’s not always easy to find the time to exercise. This is especially true for those of us with a busy schedule who need to stretch the most out of every minute. Luckily, there are many exercises you can do in just 30 minutes that will help you lose weight and get healthier overall.
In this piece, we’ll cover five bodyweight exercises, including squat jumps, lunges, and crunches, which you can do at home or anywhere else with little space—all while working different muscles and helping burn calories! These movements will also strengthen your bones and decrease the risk of stress fractures from weight-bearing activities.
The squat jump is a full-body exercise that will get your heart pumping while also engaging all of your core muscles. It’s simple to do and provides a lot of benefits.
How should you do it?

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Lunges help tone your lower body and improve your overall fitness. You can add as much or as little weight as you want, so if basic lunges are too easy for you, add some resistance via barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells.
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Bicycle crunches are well suited for the abs, especially the obliques. They work the upper body, too. Therefore, if you’re looking to lose weight and tone up in one go, this is a good move.
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Mountain climbers are an all-around exercise that help burn fat, build strength and endurance, and sculpt your upper body. It’s also one of the quickest exercises to do without any equipment so you can do them anywhere—at home or in the gym!
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If you have only a few minutes to spare and want to get your heart pumping, high knees are a great exercise. This move is great for your heart and lungs because it increases their workload during exercise. It’s also a fun way to work out with friends or family as it can be done solo as well as in a group.
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There you have them! These 5 exercises are some of the best for weight loss when you only have 30 minutes. If you’re looking for more workouts that don’t take too much time, check out this article on how to get fit with just half an hour a day.
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