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It is possible to burn 500 calories a day. Fat loss has a basic rule. Remaining in calorie deficit and burning more calories. However, just reducing calorie consumption does not work in an effective way. That’s why it is recommended to burn 500 calories per day and eat a balanced diet. This way, women and men can lose up to 6 kg and 8 kg respectively.
In the domain of fitness science, it is said that a person needs to burn 3500 calories to lose 1 lb of fat. Creating an unfavorable calorie balance aids faster weight loss. The best way to burn 500 calories a day is to restrict your intake and exercise appropriately. Here are the 6 best fat-burning exercises a person can perform for 30 minutes a day to burn 500 calories.
High-intensity interval training is the best way to burn fat as it does not use oxygen but fat as fuel to burn 500 calories. In HIIT, swift and high-intensity exercise sets are performed and repeated for a short period of time to burn fat more effectively as compared with regular fat burning exercises. High-intensity interval training also increases post-exercise oxygen consumption, which basically means that a person will burn fat even after performing the exercises.
Zumba is a workout that is perfect for a person who wants to enjoy while losing weight. With only a 2 minute break during the training session, a person can burn almost around 500 calories, depending on the person’s weight and intensity of training. Exercising with others who are in the same domain will also boost and motivate confidence and keep you on the right path.
Running is an effective workout or can be called cardio exercise for the whole body. It burns more than 500 calories, depending on the person’s body weight and the speed at which it is performed and the time taken by a person to cover a particular distance matters a lot in burning fat. If a person weighs 54 kg and run at 19 kmph, a person will burn around 545 calories in half an hour. Sand running is also an option to do as it gives resistance, which makes the same exercise more effective for burning calories swiftly. Run barefoot on a beach to make all the muscles work, avoid injuries, and strengthen the lower body muscles. Jog at 12 kmph for a minute and sprint at 19 kmph for 10 seconds and in a similar way a person can repeat for half an hour. Taking a break is very important and a person should take two 30-second breaks and keep walking at a low speed.
Bodyweight exercises are very effective as they are like lifting weights without weights! A person doesn’t need any equipment to burn 500 calories, just their bodyweight is used to burn calories. Exercises such as jump squats, crawling, push-ups, spider climbers, burpees, high knees, jumping, leg drops, crunches, jumping lunges, and so on are great calorie burners. These exercises give good results in a short period of time.
Kickboxing is a combat sport that burns around 400–500 calories in just a few minutes. Kickboxing improves physical fitness and builds good stamina. Kickboxing is a martial art that combines boxing and karate, particularly kicking with bare feet on a bag filled with sand. This exercise consists of elements from two sports and helps achieve balance and mobility in one go.
A person can easily burn 500 calories a day. All the workouts discussed above can help you burn 500 calories a day. However, do not just perform the same exercise every day. Instead, switch them up, and you will be able to to see good results as they will burn 3,500 calories a week, which is good for losing fat. However, burning these many calories would be useless if a person did not follow the rule of “remaining in calorie deficit” while trying to burn more calories. Also keep an optimistic approach while performing these exercises as it will help to stay motivated and interested to persist in the fitness journey.
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