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Weight loss is one of the most common and popular goals of people who often join the gym. The good news is that you do not need to become a gym rat to crank up your weight loss process. However, you do need to create and follow an exercise routine that will help you with weight loss by burning a decent amount of calories in a short period of time.
Your best bet for dramatic weight loss is a workout routine that is a combination of both strength training and cardio exercise. For burning high amounts of calories, which will lead to quick weight loss, cardio exercises are the most common approach. However, strength training exercises will help in building strength and muscle in the body, which will boost the overall metabolism and increase the amount of calories that are burned.
Here, we have created a list of five efficient and easy exercises that will dramatically speed up your weight loss.
Mountain climbers are one of the best high-intensity exercises for weight loss as they help in blasting a large amount of calories and toning your leg muscles. This exercise will also help in building a strong core and greater stability in the body.
How should you do it?
Begin the mountain climber exercise by assuming the conventional high plank position of the ground. Keep your hands shoulder-width apart with your back completely straight and core muscles engaged. While maintaining the balance and posture of the body, bring your left knee as close to your chest as you can before swapping legs and repeating the movement. Make sure to keep your hips down and core tight.
Running is among the best weight loss exercises. It is versatile because you can easily modify or vary your running workout according to your current fitness level and future fitness goals. You can also try treadmill workouts for weight loss.
How should you do it?
Here, we will discuss the sprinting routine that will increase your heart rate as well as the amount of calories that are burned. Begin with a 5-minute jog. Follow up with ten seconds of sprint intervals and 50 seconds of medium-paced jogging. Alternate between these two for about 10–15 minutes and end your workout with a 5-minute jog.
Jump rope can seriously amp up your weight loss by blasting loads of calories and fat from the body. This is a full-body exercise that will build strength in the body along with enhancing your overall cardiovascular health. This exercise will also improve the power of the lower body.
How should you do it?
Clutch the ends of the jump rope and position them on the sides of your waist. Round the rope around the body and jump as soon as it is in front of your feet. Repeat.
Kickboxing is also an easy and efficient exercise that will help you lose weight and sculpt muscles. This exercise will effectively work on your legs, core, and hands. Kickboxing not only helps in toning but also builds power and strength in the body.
How should you do it?
You should hire a professional to properly train in the mechanics of kick boxing and to avoid getting injured.
Swimming is also an excellent exercise that will help in weight loss with the movements that are a combination of strength training as well as cardio. This low-impact workout will recruit muscles throughout your upper and lower body along with toning your muscles.
How should you do it?
There are different forms of swimming styles such as freestyle and butterfly that you can try for weight loss. You should consult a professional to take swimming lessons and then swim for practice.
The above exercises are among the best and easiest ones which will dramatically speed up your weight loss. These exercises require minimal equipment and will help in burning a large amount of calories. You should begin slowly and build up a consistent routine.
Other common benefits provided by these exercises include building stamina in the body, increasing strength, improving muscular endurance, toning your muscles, and more. These easy and simple exercises into your daily routine will enhance your overall health and fitness of the body.
You can also take a few other measures to speed up your weight loss process, including getting enough rest, eating a nutritious diet, and starting with a weight lifting routine.
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