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In the most basic terms, your metabolism affects how quickly your body transforms food into energy and spends your consumed calories. Although a faster metabolism burns calories more quickly, metabolic rates vary from person to person.
As a person ages, their metabolic rate naturally declines. That means they have a harder time digesting food and may face digestive issues like gas, bloating, and feeling more lethargic. If you wish to avoid all that, the simplest way out is to improve your metabolism.
How can you do that? Through exercise, of course. Any kind of exercise is a surefire way to get your metabolism going. You can opt for running, swimming, cycling or simple and effective cardio workouts to get better metabolism.
Check out the following five exercises to boost metabolism that can intensify your fat-burning efforts:
An exercise that’s meant to boost metabolism needs to use a lot of your muscles at the same time. It should also have a cardio element to it that can make your heart beat faster to help burn fat. The bear crawl shoulder taps exercise fulfills both purposes well.
This exercise is an extremely popular one for getting rid of belly fat. It’s a high intensity exercise that works out all the major muscles (core, hands, legs). The quick movements quickly increase the heart rate, making it an excellent exercise to boost metabolism.
Jump squats help raise metabolism by utilizing massive amounts of energy. They also target most of the important muscles in the lower body, like the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and core. They are an excellent exercise for losing weight.
This exercise is an upgraded version of normal lunges and is a fat-burner. It can work out the muscles harder, and get the heart racing quicker. It’s an excellent exercise to rev up metabolism.
This one gets you sweating and burning fat in no time at all. It’s an excellent strength workout that can improve muscle mass and endurance, improving metabolism.

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Exercise, in general, boosts metabolism and burns fat over time. If you follow a protein-rich healthy diet along with your exercise regimen, you should lose fat and gain muscle. Gaining muscle is the best way to improve metabolism, as muscles help burn calories even at rest.
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