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Low impact exercises have a reputation for being easy, but they’re also great in burning the most calories and building metabolism-supporting muscle, which is needed for weight loss. They can be challenging if you make an effort to keep up the intensity.
Low impact exercises are ideal for people who find themselves in pain when they exercise. They can help you lose weight faster, too. There’re many low impact options, but the following basic workouts will get you started:
To burn more calories and lose body fat, you want to focus on being active and moving more.
Try doing exercises that get your heart pumping faster and increase your energy expenditure. That way, you will shed more pounds faster — without even realizing it.
Here are five low impact exercises that can help you lose weight:
If you walk briskly for about an hour, you will burn 200 to 300 calories, improve your cardiovascular fitness and heart health, and increase your overall fitness level.

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As you get fitter, gradually increase your rate of perceived exertion (RPE) during your workouts to make it more challenging.
Maybe try breathing deeply while walking to the store so that you can only say a few words at a time. When you pick up your pace during a workout, not only will you burn more calories while you’re exercising, but you will continue burning calories afterward.
Swimming is a great exercise for people with joint problems, as the buoyancy of water reduces stress on the body. While swimming involves a lot of muscle movement, it doesn’t put as much pressure on the joints as other forms of exercise.

Even the basic freestyle stroke — where you propel yourself through the water using alternating arm movements — engages major muscles throughout the upper and lower body.
They include the shoulders, triceps (those two little muscles that help you straighten your arm), chest, core, and quads (a group of muscles in the thighs).
Rowing is another type of exercise that gives you a total body strength and cardio workout.
This non-weight-bearing exercise can be done at home or in the gym and is an effective option for those with joint concerns. It’s also one of the best exercise machines that can help you lose weight. You will need a rower machine to row, but they’re available at most gyms and fitness centers.

To learn about using the rowing machine with the right form, here’s the complete guide.
For some people, cycling is their lifelong passion; but runners who have joint problems often take up cycling, as it doesn’t put as much stress on their knees.
Whether you prefer indoor cycling on an exercise bike or traditional cycling out on the road for office, the muscles, heart, and lungs feel the burn when you cycle.

It’s easy to get started cycling with little investment, but if you want to get serious, you will need to invest in a little gear (such as a helmet and padded shorts). The best way to ensure comfort and joint protection is by getting a proper fit. One of the most important things to do is check that you’re set up properly.
The elliptical is a great machine at the gym. It’s a low impact exercise but burns a lot of calories.
However, if you do the same motion over and over, your body won’t change as much as it could. An elliptical is a cardio machine, so its biggest benefits are improving cardiovascular health and burning calories.

However, to get those benefits, you need to challenge yourself in new ways every time. One way to do that is with interval training, which can get intense but will make you stronger quickly than if you just went at one speed all the time.
In conclusion, there are plenty of low impact exercises you can do to help you lose weight and get fit. However, make sure you don’t overdo them initially.
Start with a manageable schedule, and allow your fitness level to increase over time. You will avoid the soreness and exhaustion that occurs when you try to do too much too soon, and you won’t have to worry about hurting yourself if you push yourself too hard.
Before you start any new workout routine, it’s essential that you speak with your physician. While walking and cycling can help maintain your weight, as a general rule, low impact exercises do not contribute significantly to fat loss.
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