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Let’s be honest, stubborn fat around your ankles and calves is not an attractive look. In this article, we will examine the realities behind losing excess fat around your ankles (also known as cankles) and a few simple exercises to aid you in the process.
Sadly, no. Fat loss works in a simple manner: the fewer calories you put into your body compared to your maintenance calories, the more the weight/ fat loss. Although there are body parts that lose faster than the rest of your body, it is close to impossible to reduce fat in only a particular area.
However, there are ways to grow your calf muscles in such a manner that they can look toned and leaner. Even at the same body fat, a larger muscle appears leaner and more defined. When combined with an effective cardio routine and diet plan, you can make considerable aesthetic changes to your calves in less than 12 weeks.

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If you do not have access to the gym, these are your best bet. Just find a flight of stairs and perform the following steps:

You can use either a pair of dumbbells, the calf-raise machine, or a barbell for this exercise. They work the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles to a great degree. Here is how you perform the movement:

Get underneath a barbell or hold a dumbbell in your hand while performing the exercise. Standing calf raises can be overloaded heavily, and are typically done within the 8–20 rep range.

This exercise will help you kill two birds with one stone. Not only will it help tone your calves, it will also burn a ton of calories.
A 15-minute jump rope session can burn 200–300 calories. Do them twice a day for maximum fat loss benefits.
You can start off with five sets lasting a minute each. Eventually, as your stamina improves, you can raise it to even 30 minutes per session.

Jump squats are an excellent option to build lower body strength, flexibility, and athleticism. They can also be integrated into your weightlifting routine as a finisher exercise for your legs.
Here’s how to perform the movement:
You cannot spot-reduce fat around the calves. Therefore, calorie-restriction combined with building your calf muscles can make them look leaner and more attractive.
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