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The inability to lose further weight after a specific point in your weight loss journey is called hitting the weight loss plateau. It can be discouraging and frustrating considering the diminishing results of your weight loss efforts.
In this article, we will discuss the five best and most amazing ways that will help you overcome the weight loss plateau.
Weight loss plateaus occur at the time when people who are trying to lose weight find that they are simply stuck at a value. It does not go down. The weight loss plateau can happen despite your working out regularly and eating a careful diet. At times, the weight loss plateau can be frustrating as it stalls your efforts to lose weight.
In the initial stages of your weight loss journey, you will see a significant drop in weight, which is typical. This is because as you create calorie deficits, your body tends to use stored glycogen for energy which partially consists of water. So, when the glycogen is burned for energy, it leads to loss of weight that is partially water. This effect is considered temporary.
Your muscles keep your metabolism boosted, which helps in burning calories even when you are not working out. As you lose more of your body weight, you also lose some of the muscles in your body, which leads to a decline in your metabolism rate. The slow metabolism rate can lead to burning fewer calories in the body.
Therefore, you need to change your weight loss approach if you hit a weight loss plateau that generally revolves around reducing the number of calories in your diet or increasing your physical activity.
Increasing the intensity of your workout routine is one of the best ways to overcome your weight loss plateau.
Resistance exercises are one of the best workouts which help in the retention of muscle mass and can eventually result in burning a decent amount of calories during both rest and activity. Studies have shown that resistance training exercises are incredibly effective for weight loss.
You can also include other types of physical activity into your workout routine such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and aerobic exercises for continued weight loss.
Intermittent fasting has been gaining increased popularity in recent times due to its several advantages. This diet routine focuses on the time windows in which you can eat and those in which you fast. It generally involves alternating between eating in a short range of 8 hours and going without eating for a longer duration of 10 to 16 hours. Continuous fasting for more than 24 hours is also possible. This diet helps in burning more fat as well as in consuming fewer calories.
Protein is a definite must in your diet, especially when you are following an intense workout routine. Incorporation of protein in your diet provides multiple benefits and you should never skimp on it. Those benefits include an increased metabolic rate and a decreased loss of muscle mass. Protein also reduces your appetite by keeping you satiated for a longer time.
Fiber in your diet routine is also highly effective for the weight loss process as it prevents unnecessary snacking by keeping you full for a longer time along with reducing calorie absorption.
Diets that are low in carbs are also incredibly effective for weight loss. Lowering your carb intake will help you kickstart the stalled weight loss process along with increased fat burning in the body. Lower intake of carbohydrates will also enhance your metabolic rate, which will help in burning more calories.
You can opt to put vegetable and fruit salads into your diet routine to reduce fat percentage and for better nutrition.
Proper rest and sleep are as important for weight loss as working out and calorie deficit. Lack of sleep can be a serious contributing factor toward your weight loss plateau. This is because poor sleep can result in reduced metabolism and might mess with your hormones resulting in increased fat storage and hunger.
Getting stuck on a weight loss plateau can often be demoralizing and frustrating as it stalls your weight loss journey. However, it is normal and many do undergo that stage. You can incorporate some of the aforementioned strategies into your lifestyle to overcome the weight loss plateau. These strategies are directed primarily toward reducing your calorie intake through diet modification or increasing your physical activity throughout the day. These strategies will help you reach your target weight effectively and safely.
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