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Weight loss is a time-taking and quite challenging process that is easier said than done. It requires you to burn more calories than you consume, which involves paying attention to your diet and physical activity as well.
When it comes to weight loss exercises, however, there are plenty of workouts to choose from, but there are a few that are considered the most effective and suitable for everyone. These are the ones that work on your full body and help to reduce fat from all sides. In addition to helping you reduce kilos, exercise offers many other incredible advantages. This includes healthier muscles, improved cardiovascular health, a reduced chance of chronic illness and injuries, stronger joints, etc.
If you are someone looking for exercises to lose weight, look no further than the below-given workouts. These weight loss exercises are easy, beginner-friendly, and suitable for all fitness levels.
Here’s a look at some of the easiest and most productive exercises that anyone can try to kickstart their weight loss journey.
Burpees are one of the best weight loss exercises that target the full body. It is a compound exercise that involves push-ups and jumps and gets your heart rate high for a more optimal cardiovascular result.
The major muscles involved during a burpee are the shoulders, chest, glutes, abs, quads, and calves.
How to perform?
Important tip: While doing a burpee, ensure that your neck is aligned with your spine. Complete all reps as softly as possible, land slowly, and do not try to rush.
Plank jacks are an advanced variation of the standard plank. A great weight loss workout, plank jacks offers core-strengthening and cardio benefits while also targeting both – the lower and upper body muscles.
The major muscles involved during plank jacks are core muscles including the transverse abdominis, rectus abdominis, obliques, back, hips, forearms, shoulders, and chest.
How to perform?
Important tip: Always maintain a straight neck and keep your shoulder blades away from your ears. Do not bend your shoulders, and keep your body in a straight line.
Lunges are easy-to-learn and an effective and unilateral weight loss exercise. It targets one side of the body at a time and helps you identify potential muscle imbalances. If you find lunges difficult because of certain knee problems, don’t worry, just opt for some great lunge alternatives and attain the same benefits.
The major muscles involved during lunges are hamstrings, quads, glutes, abs, and calves.
How to perform?
Important tip: When doing a lunge, make sure that your front knee doesn’t go beyond your toes. Keep your torso upright, shoulders back, and neck long throughout the exercise.
A knee tuck jump is an excellent exercise that gets your heart rate up quickly, thereby allowing you to get rid of fat in a short period of time. This killer exercise targets major muscle groups in the body and offers massive strength in the core muscles and legs.
The major muscles involved during knee tuck jumps are glutes, core, legs, quads, hip flexors, and abdominals.
How to perform?
Important tip: Land as softly as possible and jump high.
Jumping rope is another full-body weight loss exercise that anyone can do. It burns calories and also helps improve your overall cardiovascular health. The best thing about the rope jump is that it can be done without a rope as well.
The major muscles involved during jumping rope are glutes, quads, shoulders, forearms, and core.
How to perform?
Important tip: Jump with your legs straight and start slow. Avoid rushing through the movement to prevent injuries and falls.
So, these were some of the best weight loss exercises that anyone can do anytime, anywhere. As you progress and become stronger, try adding weights to these exercises for a more challenging and intense workout session. Always remember that weight loss takes time, so be consistent, eat a healthy diet, and try to be physically active throughout the day. Plus, create a good fitness plan according to your preferences and follow it religiously.
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