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Cardio exercises are your best bet when it comes to losing fat. They get your heartbeat racing pretty quickly and keep it in the fat-burning zone for longer.
The question then is: Can cardio exercises also help you build muscle? The answer is yes – if you perform speficic cardio exercises regularly and combine them with a high protein diet, you should pretty soon build functional muscle.
However, you will have to keep changing or progressively increase the intensity of the cardio exercises every few months to avoid hitting a fitness plateau.
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Below we discuss six basic cardio exercises you can do to lose fat and gain muscle:
Sprints are a great way to burn as many calories as possible in as little time. It’s one of the best things to do if you want to lose weight.
Sprinting is also a great way to build fast-twitch muscle fibers and burn fat at the same time. It can help you build strong hamstrings, glutes, ripped abs, and obliques. Get off the treadmill, and sprint outside, preferably on a track or field, or find a hill that slopes gently.
Some tips:
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Walking lunges are a great way to work on both strength and cardio, and they help fix a lot of health problems common today. Moreover, they speed up metabolism and burn fat much better than steady-state cardio.
As most people spend all day sitting at a desk or behind the wheel, their hip flexors are tight, core is weak, and they have poor posture. Walking lunges stretch the hip flexors and work the core muscles, which makes you more flexible and relieves lower back pain.
Most people also have weak hamstrings, glutes, and backs, as they sit all day and always work on their ‘mirror muscles’, which are their quads and chests. Lunges work the back muscles and the ones in the legs, which are usually ignored. Lunges also strengthen the muscles around the knee, making you less likely to get serious injuries like ACL tears.
Watch the following video to learn how to do this exercise:
Squat jumps are like regular squats, but you add a jump to the movement. When you do a squat jump, you work your behind, thighs, and hamstrings. Squats also help make the knee, hip, and ankle joints more flexible.
To do this exercise:
This cardio workout stands out, as it works the entire body and gets your heart rate up quickly. Although the exercise looks simple, it’s very hard on the heart, lungs, and muscles.
To do this exercise:
Jumping rope is a good way to increase your heart rate up. It strengthens the calf muscles and makes the tendons and connective tissue around them more flexible. When you do a jump rope, you also use your arm muscles and the muscles in the stomach.
To do this exercise:
Jumping jacks are a great full body exercise. They are an excellent way to work the heart, lungs, and muscles at once.
To do this exercise:
Cardio exercises are beneficial in many ways. Working out can make you feel happier, as exercise makes the body release chemicals like endorphins, dopamine, serotonin, etc. which can increas sense of well-being and happiness.
Performing cardio exercises regularly along with following a high protein diet can help you lose fat and build muscle.
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