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Would you believe if we said that you can lose weight while you’re watching TV?
Even though watching TV is entertaining, too much sitting is detrimental to your body and your general health. Why not work out as you watch TV instead of lounging on the couch? The good news is that you can perform a ton of exercises in your living room while watching your favorite program!
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You heard us right! It is possible to perform a rigorous sweat-inducing and muscle-building bodyweight workout while watching television. You only need to make the appropriate movements to keep your head up and your eyes steady as you lose weight.
Every hour has about 15 minutes of advertisements, so if you develop some motivational techniques, you can use that time to become fitter than you’ve ever been. For those streaming ad-free episodes, we’ve got you covered too! You can exercise at the end of each episode.
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There are countless methods to be active without giving up screen time or your couch-bound position. So, to enjoy the best of both worlds, here are six easy exercises you can do to lose weight while binge-watching your favorite shows:
Even though commercials only run for 30 to 90 seconds, you may fit in some cardio during this time by doing continuous jumping jacks. Jumping jacks will assist in burning off some of your fat. In fact, even brief cardio sessions lower the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and other illnesses.
Jumping jacks also make a great warm-up exercise if you are going to complete the workout later.

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Here’s how to do it:
All of the muscles in your legs are strengthened during a high knee workout, which also increases heart rate, enhances momentum, improves coordination, and helps you lose weight.

Here’s how to do it:
Planks target your abdominal muscles to burn calories and lose weight. Want to add some flavor to your timed plank routine? Try twisting the plank.

Here’s how to do it:
The triceps dip exercise is a great way to tone and build muscles in your back, shoulders, chest, forearms, and belly. To lose weight and tone your arms, perform this exercise more frequently.

Here’s how to do it:
Mountain climbers are a great exercise to lose weight. It works your core as well, making it the ideal exercise for getting rid of stubborn belly fat and showing off your abs.

Here’s how to do it:
Exercises that involve stepping up are among the best all-around exercises because they have a variety of advantages. The step-up workout, being an aerobic activity, helps you lose weight while also enhancing stamina.

Here’s how to do it:
Being a couch potato once in a while is not a problem. However, remember that your body only occasionally requires a break. Even if you might be able to spend hours on the couch, it’s crucial to ensure that your body gets enough workouts throughout the day.
The aforementioned exercises are a great way to lose weight while binging on your favorite shows.
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