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If you want to lose weight, you must break the “calorie balance,” that is consuming more calories than intake, and after a certain period of time, the body weight will drop.
In order to be more effective, some people just aim at reducing calories, but it may cause malnutrition. A dietitian pointed out that a balanced diet, portion control, aerobic exercise, and good daily habits are the healthiest ways to lose weight and lose fat.
Taiwanese dietitian Chen Tsung-Yu wrote an article, “Are calories terrible?” We must have a correct understanding of calories.
People who care about calories usually feel that they are not in good shape, have high body fat, and have high visceral body fat, but not having too many calories and becoming unhealthy, increases the burden on the body.
Chen pointed out that calories are the source of energy for the human body, and even if you just lie in bed all day, calories are consumed. Because the body is running, the systems, organs, tissues, and cells are running, therefore there is a “basal metabolic rate.”
“The nutrient intake in the daily diet is very important. We can eat less and move more, but we should avoid an unbalanced diet.” He said that it is incorrect to achieve low-calorie intake by eating less because low-calorie intake is probably due to low nutrient intake.
If you only eat very little every day, the amount of intake will be too little over time, although fat is reduced, the muscle is also reduced, and the basal metabolic rate will slowly drop. The body thinks that you are fighting a war or a famine, so the body starts to save energy.
Chen pointed out that a balanced diet, a good daily routine, and regular aerobic exercise are the healthiest ways to lose weight and lose fat. He recommended seven ways to control calorie intake:
(1) Balanced diet: Remember to eat all six major food groups. It is insufficient to only eat one or two or three food groups. After all, the six major food groups have different nutrients. If you just eat a few food groups for a long time, it will affect your health.
For example, if you just eat a lot of meat and little starch, it will put a considerable burden on the metabolism of the liver and kidney in the long run; if you only eat vegetables and fruits, it will cause constipation due to excessive intake of fiber, in addition, there is no calorie intake, you will feel weak easily, and the skin will be dry and deteriorated.
(2) Habits: Going to bed late will make the body produce stress hormones easily, such as cortisol, which makes people want to eat. This is one of the reasons people want to eat when they go to bed late.
Sleeping late will also reduce the leptin secretion of the body, reduce the mechanism of appetite suppression, and make you want to eat more.
(3) Aerobic exercise: Aerobic exercise can accelerate the burning of calories. Studies have shown that aerobic exercise for more than 30 minutes can improve the status of fat metabolism, which can achieve the “fat-burning” effect.
Run every two or three days, and let your body get used to being active. After getting used to exercising, you will be more motivated to exercise.
(4) Portion control: Ordinary people may not be able to calculate calories as skillfully as a dietitian, but people can simply reduce their normal diet by 1/5 or 1/4.
(5) Dietary components: Unprocessed foods retain more nutrients. And the more processing procedures the foods have undergone, the more nutrients are lost, especially water-soluble ingredients. In order to achieve better texture, multi-processed foods may be added with sugar and oil, and the number of calories will be relatively high.
(6) Dietary restriction: Calories are taken from the mouth, and dietary restriction can avoid unnecessary intake.
(7) Find someone to keep fit with you: If you have someone to accompany and supervise, you will have more motivation, and you will be able to give support to each other, and it will be easier to follow the plan.

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