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Your body will keep abnormal fat stores around the belly, the hips, arms, buttocks and other areas. This is the most stubborn fat to lose. However, with the best HCG drops, your body can burn this fat easily, in less than 60 days and without hitting the gym to train.
Disclaimer: This write-up is not intended to replace the advice of a doctor. It is intended to inform only. If you have chronic obesity, please talk to your doctor first before you embark on any weight loss program or product. 
Just because they are called HCG drops, it does not mean they contain the HCG hormone. On the contrary, most do not contain this hormone.
Rather, they are blended with ingredients that mimic the work of the HCG – human chorionic gonadotropin hormone in the body. This hormone is secreted in large quantities in the placenta when a woman is pregnant.
Its work is to increase the rate at which the body burns fat to provide energy for the mother and food for the fetus.
While the body makes this hormone naturally, its levels in your system decline with age, poor lifestyle choices, disease and other factors. This causes your body to keep piling the fat.
HCG drops give your body the multi-pronged approach to fat burning and weight loss. They can succeed where most other products fail.
Here is a sneak peek into how they work:
As you will see later, some of the HCG drops such as Nutravit Diet Drops that we shall look at here stimulate the hypothalamus gland.
This gland is responsible for controlling metabolism. Low metabolic rate is the main reason why you have fat storage issues in your body right now. To be precise, this gland balances the consumption of calories vis a vis the burning of calories.
The hypothalamus gland is also responsible for thermoregulation in the body. When the body’s core temperature is high, you are going to burn more fat and your body will release more energy.
This gland also controls the circadian rhythms. This means it controls your sleep cycles, which are also very important for metabolism, hunger and thirst control.
When you start using the HCG drops for weight loss, you will experience overall general wellness of the mind and the body, on top of the high fat burn rate.
Increasing metabolism means the body burns more food material fast. Therefore, you are likely to experience extreme hunger pangs, and you can pack up many calories.
The HCG weight loss supplements are blended to increase the metabolic rate and at the same time, cut the hunger pangs.
You feel sated the whole day, so you eat less food and snacks. Since the body still needs to meet its energy requirements, it burns fat.
The body has no option than to attack its fat reserves since you will not be feeding it with calories (more about this below).
One thing that all of the natural HCG drops have in common is that they are supposed to be taken with a very low calorie diet.
Very low calorie diets limit the calorie intake to 500 calories, some 800, 1200 or 1500 calories. It all depends on your weight loss goals. If you need to lose weight as a matter of medical urgency, you need to embark on the lowest calorie diet.
The very low calorie diet creates a big calorie deficit in your system. For instance, if you are a man, your recommended daily caloric intake is 2500 calories.
If you take 500 calories in 24 hours, you create a caloric deficit of 2000 calories. That’s a lot! The body will raid its fat reserves and burn them for fuel. In return, you are going to lose weight super fast.
The same applies to women, whose recommended daily caloric intake is 2000.
The VLCD will come with specific instructions. It is best if you can follow them to the letter, without missing a step.
There are so many HCG drops in the market. However, not all are fitting for you and some can harm your health. However, to make the choosing easier for you, here, we bring you the top three fat burning HCG supplements.
Here are a few that will help you meet your weight loss needs safely and healthily:
These diet drops are colorless and they do not leave an aftertaste in your mouth. They are blended from high quality ingredients (herbs and amino acids). They also do not contain any animal products, which makes them perfect for vegans.
These drops are made with tens of ingredients, all of them hand-chosen because of their potency at fighting fat, preserving lean muscle, improving your mental wellness, boosting your immune system and many more.
There are thousands of positive reviews and testimonials from users scattered all over the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia and indeed the whole world.
If you start using these drops for weight loss, you will be joining a huge number of people who have gotten their help from this nutritional supplement.
These diet drops do several things in your body. First, they reset the metabolism meaning that from the time you start taking them, your metabolism will remain at an all time high.
Secondly, the diet drops are also going to suppress your appetite so you will not need to eat too much food. By making you feel sated, you can burn fat.
Thirdly, the body needs fuel and energy to do various things like breathing, circulating blood and to do your daily chores and work. Thus, the body needs to get its energy from somewhere, so it burns fat, since you do not feel the urge to eat.
For these weight loss drops to work and help you enjoy their full potential, you need to take them with a low calorie diet. Nutravit sends you diet program guides with every purchase of their supplement.
In the guide, you are going to find the recommended foods and drinks to take. You will also find the foods you should avoid taking while you are on the diet.
Another important way in which these drops can help you is that they treat food addiction. The reason why many people eat too much nowadays is that they are addicted (unknowingly, of course) to the chemicals used in the preservatives.
They also become addicted to sugars and starches. This means they do not eat because they feel hungry. They eat to feed their addiction.
If you are at your optimum weight and you just want to maintain it right there, you can take these drops without the very low calorie diet. By suppressing the appetite, you will avoid snacking and so you will not be packing your body with calories that it can convert to fat.
These drops are not just for people who have chronic obesity. Anyone can use the drops if they want to maintain their weight. For the sake of this review, we are going to recommend them for obese people.
These drops come in a 2 Oz bottle. One bottle can last you 15 to 20 days. Daily, at least 30 minutes before meals, take 10 to 15 drops of this HCG liquid supplement and place them under the tongue.
Hold them there for 30 or more seconds and then swallow. You shall take this dosage three times a day.
Remember to take these drops with a very low calorie diet fashioned after Dr. Simeons HCG diet. Do not skip any step in the diet phase, including the binge-eating phase.
The medical team behind Nutravit Diet Drops says you are going to lose between 6 and 7 pounds a week, if you follow the instructions properly.
The first and second phases of this diet are very important. In the first phase, you are going to start taking these drops and binge-eating, packing your body with calories. Do that for two days.
In the second phase, you will embark on taking 500 calories a day for 21 days. This should help you lose more than 100 pounds.
If you do not achieve your desired weight in the second phase of this diet, you can extend this for another 21 days.
Remember to measure your weight every morning before taking the drops, to stay on top of your progress.
This is one of the most robust weight loss liquids. It is a powerful blend of herbal and amino acid ingredients.
Here are some of the most outstanding of them:
The amino acids cluster includes L-Glutamine, L-Tryptophan, L-Carnitine, L-Ornithine, L-Arginine and Beta-Alanine. These amino acids have many benefits for the body including giving you more mental stamina, suppressing the appetite, enhancing metabolism, blocking your sugar receptors, increasing the level of happiness hormones in your system and many more.
The herbal extracts cluster is quite large with proven and tested ingredients such as Garcinia Cambogia, Grapefruit extract, Rhodiola Rosea, Gymnema Sylvestre leaf extract and grape seed extract. These have diverse benefits for your body. They regulate insulin levels, help the body to burn fat faster and regulate glucose levels in the bloodstream.
Other herbal extracts include Panax Ginseng, Raspberry Ketone, African Mango Extract, Green Tea Extract, Coleus forskohlii root extract, Fucoxanthin extract, and Capsicum annuum extract. These have various benefits such as preventing absorption of fat from food, changing the way the body stores fat and much more.
Finally, there is Chromium Picolinate, which prevents sugar addiction in your system.
Only order the Nutravit Diet Drops from the product website. One box will cost you $59.99. You can also order two boxes and get one free of charge. If you order three boxes, you will get two free of charge.
We recommend the 2-box order, which will be shipped as three boxes. Make sure to use all the drops for sustainable gains.
Since every order comes with a money back guarantee of 90 days, there is no risk for you.
On their website, they say that Dirobi (brand name) is for people who want to feel vibrant, energized and rejuvenated all the time. Dirobi is a wellness and nutritional supplement maker who brings well-researched products to customers.
One of their most popular supplements is the Pounds and Inches drops for weight loss. And they are so appropriately named because on the one hand, you will lose the pounds by burning fat while on the other hand, your waist and hips grow smaller.
They say you will lose weight in the right places. Well, this is a bit confusing because the body mostly loses weight as a whole, and it is hard to spot-lose weight. However, from the testimonials and reviews left by consumers, this product does seem to help with weight loss, hunger control and other weight loss/gain factors.
Again, referring to their website, they say that this weight loss supplement can help you lose up to 1 to 2 pounds daily. This is within the range of other popular fat burners.
Dirobi says you should use this supplement with their low calorie diet protocol, so that you can lose 1 to 2 pounds a day. It is called the Dirobi Un-Diet. Using a weight loss protocol is also going to make the gains more sustainable.
Unlike most other very low calorie diets that propose taking 500 calories, the Dirobi diet has 800 calories or 1200 calories. You should choose the one that most befits your lifestyle. However, some people say they have used these drops with the original Dr. Simeons low calorie diet protocol and it worked just fine for them.
The drops cut your hunger pangs, increase your metabolism, and improve your general body and mind wellness in various ways.
For maximum efficiency, keep using the supplement for at least 60 days. If you make a mistake and skip some days, don’t sweat it too much. Just start over again or continue from where you went off.
Medically, you can do low calorie diets for an extended period as long as you don’t exceed 16 weeks. Therefore, if you do not get the gains you desired in the first few weeks, pause for a week or so, and then start all over again.
The box that you order comes with a bottle of 60ML. It also contains a dropper and the Dirobi diet protocol. There are clearly written directions for use.
Using the dropper, place 14 drops under your tongue, hold them for about 60 seconds or longer and then swallow the rest. Do this two times daily, for 21 days without missing even a single day. Remember to take the diet drops at least 20 minutes before meals.
This product is a blend of 26 ingredients compromising amino acids and herbal extracts. One of the main ingredients is Chromium GTF, which has many effects on metabolism. It can increase lean muscle mass, reduce body fat percentage, and contribute more to healthy weight loss.
Other ingredients include amino acids such as L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, L-Tyrosine, and L-Carnitine Tartrate. These improve the metabolic rate, have endocrine health benefits, improve circulatory system and boost the immune system.
Herbal ingredients include African Mango extract, Citrus Bioflavonoids, Green Tea Extract, Guarana, Grapeseed, Panax Ginseng, and Ginger root. Others include Siberian Ginseng, Maca Root, Garcinia Cambogia, Blue Green Algae, Glycyrrhizin, Capsicum, and Erythritol. There is also purified water, berry flavor, citric acid, and glycerine.
The best place to buy the Pounds and Inches supplement is on the Dirobi website. It comes in 2 Oz, 4 Oz, or 2X4 Oz bottles. The 2 Oz bottle costs $32.77, the 4 Oz bottle costs $47.00 while the 2 X 4 Oz package costs $87.00. You can make this a one-time purchase but if you want to pay less, you can subscribe, and enjoy a discount of 15 percent.
This product is also available on and Wal-Mart stores.
Omnitrition, which is the brand name behind Omni Drops, has many products under their label. If you check their website, you will find several products for weight management, specialty products such as Collagen Peptides and others. However, our focus here is the Omni Drops Diet Drops.
These are homeopathic drops, meaning it has Homeopathic drops. It also has Vitamin B12 and other ingredients. You are most likely going to buy this supplement as the Omni Drop Program, which is the supplement itself accompanied by the diet program.
The diet guide also has recipes that you can try at home. The diet drops come in a 4 Oz bottle, which is twice what most other similar supplements come with.
The only information we could get about how this product works is that it increases metabolism. Well, this is what matters most when it comes to weight loss and management, so it is all good. Just make sure you follow the dosage instructions.
Most importantly, follow the diet guide that comes with these drops. When you create a caloric deficit in your body, you lose weight because the body starts burning the stored fat for energy.
These diet drops will mimic the functions of HCG hormone. You can expect to lose considerable weight in seven days.
The first ingredient is Homeopathic drops. This is just a fancy word that means that the supplement you are taking has the ability to help the body start healing itself. These drops will nudge your body in the right direction to start losing weight, naturally.
It also contains Vitamin B12. This one does not have a serious effect on weight loss, but it helps the body to release more energy. That way, you will not experience lethargy when you go on a low calorie diet.
The colloidal mineral water helps to improve the functions of internal organs such as the kidney and liver. It too makes a good portion of this supplement.
30 minutes before you eat or drink anything, place 10 drops of this liquid weight loss supplement under your tongue and hold them for 30 seconds or longer. Swallow the rest of the fluid. You should take these 10 drops three times daily and take the low calorie diet as advised. Actually, you can use these drops with the original Dr. Simeons diet protocol.
It is available on One bottle of 4 Oz and a diet guide costs $90.85. Even when you order more bottles, the price remains the same, but there is a place to enter a coupon code as you check out. This suggests the company might offer discounts from time to time.
One disadvantage with this product is that even if you order the supplement alone without the diet guide, the price is still the same.
Many companies make HCG diet drops. However, some may not give you the results that you desire. That’s why it is always important to read reviews like this one, to help you choose the best one.
Our topmost recommendation here is the Nutravit Diet Drops. First, on their website, they have disclosed all information about the supplement, including the ingredients.
They not only disclose the ingredients, but they also let you see what each ingredient is going to help you with.
Also, the guarantee of losing 1 to 2 pounds a day really does hold water. If you use the diet plans that come with the package, you are going to lose at least 1 pound a day.

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