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Peruvian model Brunella Horna is right in the middle of wedding festivities, enjoying what looks like an amazing bachelorette party on a boat. The TV presenter posted a video of herself posing in a lacy one-piece white bridal swimsuit, wearing a cap that says “Make It Last Forever.” How does she stay so fit? Read on to see 5 ways Horna stays in shape and the photos that prove they work—and to get beach-ready yourself, don’t miss these essential 30 Best-Ever Celebrity Bathing Suit Photos!

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Protein Smoothies

Horna enjoys making smoothies with banana and whey protein. Whey is a complete protein containing all nine essential amino acids. “Amino acids are important for many functions in the body, from building muscle to creating new immune cells,” says Maxine Smith, RD, LD.


She Does Resistance Training

Horna does regular strength training sessions. “Lean muscle mass naturally diminishes with age,” says the Mayo Clinic. “Your body fat percentage will increase over time if you don’t do anything to replace the lean muscle you lose over time. Strength training can help you preserve and enhance your muscle mass at any age. Strength training may enhance your quality of life and improve your ability to do everyday activities. Strength training can also protect your joints from injury. Building muscle also can contribute to better balance and may reduce your risk of falls. This can help you maintain independence as you age.”


She’s a Swimmer

Horna incorporates regular swimming sessions into her workout routine. “If you think about running or biking, you’re mostly using your lower body,” said Dr. David Tanner of Indiana University. “You look at pictures of swimmers, and you see how the upper body development is really tremendous. There’s no hard impact on your back like there is with running, and instead of being bent forward like you would be on a bike, your back tends to be arched slightly in the opposite direction.”


She Works Out With Kettlebells

Horna frequently uses heavy kettlebells in her workouts. “The kettlebell swing is a great way to increase heart rate and burn calories,” says Chris Kolba, PT. “It’s been used often as an exercise to improve cardiovascular health and shed those unwanted pounds. The key is to do multiple sets for higher repetitions and to be consistent. While there are hundreds of ways this can be organized a few examples are: Start with 15-20 swings and add 10-20 swings each day, do 5-10 rounds of 30-50 swings, or mix them with another exercise like 30-50 swings and 10 push-ups for 10 rounds.” 


Exercising Outside

Horna loves to work out in the fresh air at her local park. “Being physically active in an environment with changing terrain forces your body to work hard to sustain the movement and your mind to stay focused to constantly adapt and avoid injury,” says Cedric X. Bryant, PhD, FACSM. “Think about walking on your treadmill at home or in the gym compared to hiking on a trail with rocks and roots to traverse and constant changes in elevation to push your cardiovascular system.”
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