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Diet-to-Go is a meal delivery service that provides fresh, pre-packaged meals, complete with side dishes and condiments, directly to customers’ doors. With a variety of menu options, Diet-to-Go is a quality option for those who want to lose weight and need quick, nutritionally-balanced and calorie-conscious meals.
Diet-to-Go was founded in 1991 in Lorton, Virginia, with the goal of providing customers with convenient, healthy meals that also taste good. The company now ships these meals to homes throughout the contiguous U.S. To help ensure that its meals taste great and help its customers achieve their weight loss goals, Diet-to-Go meal plans are designed by a dietitian and prepared by chefs.
Customers can choose from five- and seven-day meal plans and whether they’d like two or three meals per day. With the two-meals-per-day option, Diet-to-Go provides lunch and dinner (not breakfast).
Diet-to-Go currently offers five meal plans to help customers achieve weight loss goals based on their dietary preferences and needs.
Not sure which meal plan to choose? Diet-to-Go also provides access to a registered dietitian, nutritionist and health coach via phone and email to help customers determine which meal plan best suits their needs. These experts can also help customers set and achieve their health and weight loss goals.
Once a customer selects their meal plan, they can customize the meals they’ll receive based on their personal preferences. Diet-to-Go allows customers to substitute meals for others that aren’t already included in that week’s menu or for a meal already included in their order for that week. Substitution requests must be submitted by Friday at 12 p.m. EST each week by using one’s online Diet-to-Go account or by contacting the company’s customer service team.
Meals are delivered to customers located near one of Diet-to-Go’s kitchens twice weekly. Meals that need to travel further are flash-frozen and shipped once weekly.
Once a customer receives their meals, the food can be kept in the refrigerator for up to seven days. However, customers can also freeze the meals for up to 30 days. The company recommends defrosting frozen meals in the refrigerator for 24 hours before heating them. Meals can be heated in two to three minutes in the microwave.
Meal plan subscriptions can be changed, paused and restarted for free as often as a customer would like via their Diet-to-Go account or by contacting customer service.
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See the pricing for Diet-to-Go’s current meal plan offerings below. For the most up-to-date pricing, including promotions or discounts, visit Diet-to-Go’s website directly.
Shipping costs an additional $19.98 per week.
The company occasionally provides promotional offers, as well as discounted meal plans, for certain groups of people signing up for their first order, including:
For those looking to develop healthy eating patterns, experts agree that Diet-to-Go may be an effective option.
“If being super busy and having to order takeout is your main reason for not eating well, this [service] could be a great replacement. It can also jump-start healthy eating habits by encouraging people to give new ingredients and recipes a chance,” says Jennifer Olejarz, a nutritionist and health counselor at Mindful Food Therapy in Toronto.
“This [meal service] is a great way to transition to more home-cooked meals, start eating more vegetables and learn what a more balanced meal should look like. I love that the meals are delivered fresh and not frozen like some plans,” adds Pana Ninan, Pharm.D., a certified functional medicine specialist and founder of Functionally Fit Rx in Alpharetta, Georgia.
“It can also help people get used to smaller portion sizes and healthier food, which can help end their addiction to processed foods,” says Olejarz. “Our taste buds change around every two weeks, so a few weeks of eating less salt, sugar and fat could set you up for long-term success.”
But, Diet-to-Go may not be for everyone. “There’s no option for those who need further diet personalization, such as gluten- or dairy-free,” says Ninan.
She also warns that the women’s Balance meal plan may not include enough calories for the majority of women. “While everyone is different, most need more than 1,200 calories [a day] to keep their metabolism up, their bodies satiated and their hormones in balance,” she says.
Although Diet-to-Go is an excellent option for those looking for healthy, convenient meals, experts advise that a program like Diet-to-Go might be more of a Band-Aid than a long-term solution. “As soon as you’re done with the program, you might run into the same issues you had before, such as ordering takeout or stress eating,” says Olejarz. “But ultimately, the success of the program really depends on your reasons for signing up for it.”
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I ordered the five-day Balance meal plan, opting for two meals per day. I chose the men’s menu to better support my personal daily caloric intake goals. The ordering process was simple and only took a few minutes.
I was able to see the meals that would be included in my first shipment, as well as more than 20 options for meal substitutions. I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of meals and chose to substitute a couple of meals, which was completed quickly through my online Diet-to-Go account. Other meal delivery programs I’ve reviewed in the past, such as the Jenny Craig diet, required customers to call customer service to make any meal substitutions.
After only seven days, I received my order and dove in. The fresh ingredients and lack of preservatives was evident with each meal I tried. The inclusion of vegetables in the meals was also well-received, after recently reviewing a meal plan that required users to add their own fruits and vegetables. Overall, I was pleased by the taste of the meals, although some seemed rather bland.
I was thrilled when I realized that condiments were also included in the order, making it a truly convenient option for anyone looking for a quick, nutritious meal.
Overall, I found the Diet-to-Go program to be an excellent option for someone looking for healthy, convenient meals. The meals were satisfying and customer service was friendly and helpful when I called for clarification on various information. Based on my experience so far, I would consider continuing my subscription with Diet-to-Go to help ensure that I have healthy meals on hand when I need them.
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