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by | Nov 28, 2022 | Medical
The Emerald Laser is not just your average weight loss treatment. In fact, it is the most advanced fat-loss laser in the world, and Mind Body Infusion awhere you will find it. It requires no pain, no downtime, and patients experience no side effects as a result. As if that did not make it unique enough, it is the only FDA-approved non-invasive fat loss laser, so this treatment is truly one-of-a-kind. Unlike other treatments, the results from the Emerald laser fat removal process were classified as “non-temporary” by the FDA.
The Emerald Laser might sound like magic, and it can certainly feel magic, but it is simply science. Light energy works at a cellular level at specific wavelengths and creates a small transitory pore in the fat cells that allows fatty liquid to seep out. The body processes the fatty liquids naturally through the lymphatic system. At this point, the fat cells shrink, which is a healthier and safer way to remove fat than other methods that simply kill the cells. These lasers produce 23% more energy than the red lasers, which makes it the safe and most effective way to treat fat. This process will return fat cell hormone responses to balance for lasting results.
About the Emerald Laser Fat Removal Process
Most patients are able to lose an average of ten pounds after one to six sessions. On average, our clinical trial saw that clients lost an average of 5.9 inches over a period of four weeks.
If you have a body mass index of over 30, and want to avoid drastic changes in exercise and dieting, Emerald Laser might be right for you. It can treat even the most stubborn areas of fat in multiple areas of the body. The most popular sections of the body that individuals target are the arms, neck, chest, legs, and back. In addition to targeting these areas, we can recommend proactive lifestyle changes to help you lose weight and create the best results possible.
To learn more about the Emerald laser fat removal treatment in Santa Clarita and if it is the best option for you, call Mind Body Infusion Med Spa at (661) 441-3325.
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