Good News! New Jersey Ranks as 5th Healthiest State in America –

First, let me say if you are considering doing anything that affects your health consult your physician first to see how they stand on any lifestyle changes.
For me being healthy means a few things. Getting good sleep, eating healthy food, and getting exercise. Sleep has always been a tough challenge because of the weird hours we keep, but sleep is a key factor so before your think being healthy is going out and buying a weight bench, just focus on getting a good night's rest and the rest will fall into place. So set up a schedule and get the rest you need to keep your body and mind at 100%.
Eating healthy doesn't mean starving and doesn't mean you have to eat foods you don't like, it's just eating smart. For me "portions" is a big part of eating smart. Do smaller portions mean less food intake, pretty simple. Choice healthy choices instead of junk food. Drink water too. Talk to your doctor about what kind of diet is best for you.
Exercise is simple, your body needs to move "move it or lose it". Doesn't mean crazy workouts, it's whatever you are comfortable with. Simply walking every day can make a big difference.  Talk to your doctor and work out a plan. I enjoy walking, it's best for me so I do it every day.
As far as New Jersey as a whole, according to a new study from online fitness resource Total Shape, Jersey ranks 5th in the United States when it comes to health. "New Jersey has been called the ‘diner capital of the world’ due to its large number of restaurants (7,000) in comparison to its landmass. This would make New Jersey one of the unhealthier states, however, the state has 15 gyms per 100,000 people, only 13 % of adults smoke and an obesity rate of 27% which help New Jersey remain in the top five healthiest states in America." California ranked number one in the nation. West Virginia finished last in America. 
Categories that were part of the research included:

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