'Good' vs 'bad' fat: This drug could coax our bodies into making a greater proportion of easy-to-burn fat, helping fight obesity – Genetic Literacy Project

A​ recent study published in Metabolites found that a specific metabolite may be vital in helping some people lose excess body weight. They found that this metabolism product could help convert fat into a form that is easier to burn.
Experts are working to understand what medications and treatments are most effective at helping people lose weight. One area of interest has to do with the differences between types of fat.
Wendy Lord noted the key differences between white fat and brown fat:
“Brown fat and white fat are made of different cells. White fat is made of big droplets of lipids or fatty acids. Cells in brown fat are packed with mitochondria. Mitochondria are rich in iron, which gives brown fat its color. They’re the heart of your cells. They take in nutrients like sugar and white fat and break them down to make energy.”

Researchers will need to prove the efficacy and safety of the drug in people and eventually in clinical trials before it is clear if this finding could be of benefit to humans. And if this metabolite is used as a treatment, it may only be appropriate for use with specific people.
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