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CICO stands for “calories in, calories out” and is largely a concept of consuming fewer calories than how much you burn daily. It is quite apt for both weight loss and weight gain, as it keeps a thorough check on your calorie consumption. From its advantages to possible side effects, here’s everything you should know about the CICO diet.
In this diet, counting calories is vital and unmissable. It takes into account your calorie deficit to determine your energy needs. First, calculate your basal metabolic rate (BMR) that you need for basic body functions like breathing, heartbeat, digestion, workout etc. When you get the desired calories per day, you consume lesser calories to lose weight and more calories to gain weight.
It is true that the calories you consume in a day impact your weight. And as this diet is solely based on calorie consumption, it may help one lose or gain weight. However, calories aren’t all that you need for healthy weight management. Successful weight management involves more than just calorie deficit and also considers other parameters of fitness and health.
Indulging in a calorie-specific diet can save you from unhealthy weight gain, which further protects you from many diseases. From heart-related conditions and certain cancers to depression, sleep apnea, and respiratory problems, several ailments can be broken free from losing excess body fat. In addition to this, you lose oxidative stress and maintain your hormonal balance when on a calorie deficit diet.
Too much focus on calories puts you at a higher risk of missing out on important nutrients. This may lead to issues like hair fall, obesity, mental health problems, heart diseases, brain diseases, inflammation, and weak immunity. These ailments are also linked with inadequate calorie intake, which is a disadvantage of the CICO concept. Additionally, calorie inadequacy may also lead to difficulty in exercising.
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