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Getting a flat stomach is one of the most highly sought-after fitness goals, especially among gym-goers. People adopt various different techniques to try and get a flat stomach either through exercise routines or by dieting.
There are certain problematic areas in which fat can easily accumulate that include thighs, belly, lower back, and upper arms. A flat stomach will not only help you to look physically better with greater self-esteem but will also reduce the risk related to injuries.
Remember that following the correct diet is also important when it comes to losing belly fat. Some food items that help burn belly fat are fatty fish, fermented foods such as kefir and kimchi, beans, avocados, and oats.
In this article, we will discuss the five most effective exercise tips that will help you lose love handles and get a flat stomach.
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Here are five of the most amazing and effective exercise tips that you can follow to get a flat stomach and lose your love handles:
Cardio exercise can be considered one of the most effective forms of workout if you want to get a flat stomach as well as lose love handles from your body. Doing cardio exercises, also referred to as aerobic exercises, will help in blasting a high number of calories from your body, which will enable you to lose stomach fat.
Several cardio exercises, including running, rowing, and swimming tend to be highly effective at burning decent amounts of calories. These cardio exercises will also help you to effectively tone your body, which will aid in getting a flat stomach.
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Resistance training, which also goes by the name of strength-training exercises or weight-lifting exercises, is also important for losing stomach fat and love handles. Strength training exercises will help in building muscle mass that not only increases metabolism in the body but will also burn calories even when you are not working out.
Additionally, resistance-training exercises will help in maximizing the toning of your body and blasting fat, which will enable you to get a flat stomach.
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One of the most effective exercise tips that you can follow to get a flat stomach and lose your love handles is to follow a workout routine that includes both cardio exercises as well as strength-training exercises. Both forms of workout do well individually to a certain extent. However, a combination of cardio and weight-lifting exercises can do wonders for your body.
Cardio exercises will help in torching calories from your body while weight-lifting exercises, on the other hand, will help in blasting fat from the body. This will enable you to get rid of stomach fat and lose love handles.
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If you want to particularly target your stomach fat and love handles, then you should certainly include some core exercises to your workout regimen. Core exercises will effectively work on the area around your abdomen that includes both belly and love handles.
Some of the core exercises that you can include in your regular routine are side plank hip lifts, bicycle crunches, abdominal scissor kicks, Russian twists, mountain climbers, and standard side planks.
These exercises will help in both burning a high number of calories through maintaining constant tension in the body along with maximizing the toning of your muscles.
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One of the most important exercise tips that you should keep in mind is to religiously follow your workout routine with dedication. Belly fat is accumulated very easily and tends to be very hard to get rid of, and sometimes, you might feel lost in the process. However, during this time, it is crucial to stay dedicated to your workout regime to maintain consistency.
If you feel that your muscles are getting used to one particular workout routine, then change your exercise or add a greater challenge to reach your fitness goals.
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Cardio exercises have been shown to burn the most belly fat, according to several studies and research. To get a flat stomach, you need to build muscles and burn a decent number of the calories.
According to the American Council on Exercise, the safe and appropriate time to lose stomach fat and achieve six-pack abs in women is approximately twenty to twenty-six months and for men it is fifteen to twenty-one months.
However, it also depends on various other factors including genetics, bone structure, percentage of body fat, calorie deficit, and physical activity.
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