I’m a plastic surgeon – losing so much weight has made an issue with Kim Kardashian’s breast implants worse… – The US Sun

KIM Kardashian might need to tackle a breast implant problem following her weight loss, a plastic surgeon has said.
And he claims that a revision could iron out the distorted look that's popped up because of her reduced body fat.
Dr Richard Westreich, a top New York plastic surgeon, told the U.S. Sun that he suspects Kim has had implants and that they have developed something called capsular contracture.
“Looking at the pink dress photo, Kim’s not wearing any undergarments, and unless capsular contracture is going on, it’s really hard to get that roundness," he said.
“This means a capsule of scar tissue forms around the implant and there’s contraction from the capsule, so it starts to look rounder and rounder and they can look uneven, with more going on in her right side than in her left side."
Kim has recently sparked concern with her drastic weight loss, and Dr Westreich says that shedding pounds can expose this kind of implant issue or make it more noticeable.
"This is a fairly well-known issue, which isn't caused by weight loss, but if you’re going to lose weight, then that will accentuate it. Plus it doesn’t stop, so if this is happening to Kim, it may get worse."
There are several ways to correct the problem, which could mean Kim would go under the knife.
"Treatment includes revision surgery to remove the capsule, incising the capsule to release pressure, or implant removal and placement in a different tissue plane," Dr Westreich said.
Kim Kardashian has without a doubt one of the most famous figures in the world, and while it earns her millions, it's often envied by a massive number of her fans and followers.
Though she hasn't confirmed whether she's had breast implant surgery, it’s obvious that the reality star cares deeply about her shape.
Through the years, Kim has transformed herself from a clunkier 20-something reality TV newcomer in 2007 to a svelte, ship-shape all-American, global beauty icon.
On her body upkeep, she told Allure magazine in 2022: “I really genuinely care about looking good."
She added: “I probably care more than 90 percent of the people on this planet.”
But she has only admitted to having things like the odd amount of Botox and vampire facials.
“I never had my nose done,” the TV star said when she was getting her makeup done during a 2019 Masterclass by her makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic.
“Everyone thought I did, and I said wait until I have kids because your real features come out.”
“Looking back to her 2006 photos, at that point she would’ve been 26, so I believe so it’s certainly possible that she would’ve had some form of breast implantation already done then," reveals Dr Westreich.
“I don’t see a significant difference in the ‘size’ of her breasts throughout the years, but she might’ve had a breast lift after she’d had her kids as part of a 'Mommy Makeover.'
"Then a new implant might have been put in back then, but it doesn’t look like she’s been given larger implants.
“She has lost quite a lot of weight recently, and so there’s now a demonstrable change to the shape of her breast."
Kim’s dramatic 2022 weight loss journey created a huge stir when she stepped out at the Met Gala in May looking slimmer than ever, and from there, her weight seems to have continued to plummet.
In the past, her weight was said to be set at around 132 pounds before she gained around 65 pounds during both her pregnancies and subsequently threw herself into the Atkins diet.
By 2018, Kim’s weight appeared to have plateaued at around 116 pounds when she changed to follow a plant-based diet and daily workouts.
Kim has also documented a test she did that measured her bone density and body fat percentage in 2021, at the time revealing she is in the "athlete category" and showing that she had reduced her body fat from 25 percent to 18.8 percent.
“Most people want to have things done in proportion so you may find that Kim’s weight loss makes her look imbalanced in the end, as she has now got a lot narrower in her waist," says Dr Westreich.
“She’s likely had some augmentations, and so has worked to create that famous hourglass shape and at a certain point she may start to look top heavy if she keeps the same size implants and then loses more weight," he adds.
“In the pink dress right now, she’s not disproportionate, but she would be if she still had the 2006 look and those possible breast implants from back then.
“I’m just not sure how much weight she would be able to lose after this without needing to address the breasts.
“A lot of what your waist is is visceral fat and so when you lose that you can get very small there too.”
“There isn’t any bony skeleton in this region, so if you have zero visceral fat around all the organs in there, it all gets smaller, but isn't necessarily bad from a health standpoint.
“Once you get to a certain point though it can get unhealthy as if you don’t have enough fat you start breaking down muscle, so you do need those fat reserves."
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