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Instant Knockout Cut is a weight loss supplement created by Roar Ambition in 2014. Diego Sanchez, a UFC champion and MMA legend, was one of the first people to start using this supplement to lose fat mass while retaining muscle when he needed to lose weight before a fight.
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Instant Knockout Cut is one of the better fat burners on the market for 2023 as it's mostly based around 3 of the most effective over the counter ingredients. Unlike a lot of other fat burners which rely on a lot of pseudoscience for a hard sell, Instant Knockout is pretty straightforward.  
There isn't really much mystery or magic to it, those ingredients are caffeine and glucomannan. Caffeine has been shown to reduce appetite for 4 hours after consumption, make you move more and work out harder (burning more calories) and of course combats the lethargy which you feel when dieting (which causes people to actually use less calories subconsciously). And it does also raise your metabolism a little bit, but "thermogenesis" as it is often referred to only really makes a small difference even with the best thermogenic ingredients, less than 100 calories a day, it's a nice extra, but the big bonus is from eating less and moving more. But, of course, you could just take any budget caffeine pill for that.  
Glucomannan is less well known, it also works in quite simply too, it swells up to 50X it's size in the stomach, and the dose in Instant Knockout swells to about the size of a bagel. If you take it about 30 mins before making food it's been shown to be at it's most effective for weight loss which again, isn't too surprising, if you're less hungry when you start cooking, you make less and feel more full. Again easy to understand. Glucomannan also has functionally 0 calories as it's made from a dietary fiber that's not absorbable by the body (your gut bacteria do actually like it though, which is a plus).  
The last of the highlight ingredients in instant knockout review is the vitamin blend, particularly what may look like a very high dose of Vitamin D. But Vitamin D is particularly interesting for people trying to lose weight. It's essential for fat oxidation, but on top of that the reason it makes the highlights of our instant knockout review is that it has been shown in multiple trials to increase energy expenditure, increase athletic performance and increase energy levels and this continues well beyond what is considered the minimum daily dose. Also most Americans are actually deficient in vitamin d which can in and of itself cause weight gain. 
There are some other less important ingredients in instant knockout, but all of this is a really good back bone for a weight loss supplement that doesn't really need to baffle you with terms like BAT and NEAT or other nonsense designed to simply sound impressive. 
They do also offer a meal replacement shake that can be used along side the instant knockout pills, but that's not essential, it tastes pretty good and is quite filling, but we won't be including much more than that in our instant knockout cut review. 
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Instant Knockout Cut is a weight loss supplement created by Roar Ambition in 2014. Diego Sanchez, a UFC champion and MMA legend, was one of the first people to start using this supplement to lose fat mass while retaining muscle when he needed to lose weight before a fight. It was received very positively and soon thereafter released on the market for the general public. 
The Instant Knockout supplement is designed for MMA fighters, athletes and bodybuilders to burn fat while maintaining muscle mass. Instant Knockout is a fat burner made from all natural ingredients that suppresses your appetite, gives you more energy and helps to get you into shape as quickly as possible. 
With Instant Knockout being around for the best part of a decade there's quite a lot of verified reviews of instant knockout cut. They've changed the formula a couple of times over the years although for the most part there aren't to many negative instant knockout reviews that aren't your standard issues like minor caffeine side effects and the like. Overall most customers seem to rate instant knockout as 4* and above and they do seem to have a good score on trust pilot as well as a lot of customer testimonials and instant knockout before and after photos. As far as customer satisfaction goes it's a positive for our instant knockout review. 
Instant Knockout is a fat burner supplement aimed at losing weight through burning fat. But it is also more than this. Instant Knockout Cut is created for people who want to maintain their lean muscle during their weight loss process. This sounds great, but does Instant Knockout work? Yes, it does! 
The Instant Knockout results speak for themselves. Diego Sanchez is not the only fighter who uses Instant Knockout Cut. John Dodson also takes it when losing weight. Famous coach Greg Jackson even recommends Instant Knockout fat burner to all his fighters. Most notably Holly Holm and Jon Jones. 
There are also a lot of people who aren't professional athletes who swear by Instant Knockout fat burner. In most Instant Knockout reviews made by customers, it says that they notice a difference in their weight maintenance in just a few weeks after taking Instant Knockout. 
Yes, this weight loss supplement is very safe to use. Not only is Instant Knockout FDA approved, this supplement is made from all natural ingredients. It is important to note that it does contain quite a bit of caffeine in the form of caffeine anhydrous (75 mg per pill). 
If you are very sensitive to caffeine you might want to consider taking a lower dosage of Instant Knockout or taking a different weight loss supplement altogether. You should also be careful consuming any other products which contain caffeine, like coffee or tea in combination with this supplement. Furthermore, fat burners are not safe for everyone to use. If you have any pre-existing conditions or allergies always check with your doctor before you start taking supplements to lose weight. 
We'd generally recommend buying it from their website, whilst you can get instant knockout on amazon in some countries it tends to be notably more expensive and whilst it hasn't happened with instant knockout to our knowledge, other supplement brands have had fake clones appear on amazon. 
Instant Knockout is often mentioned as one of the best weight loss supplements for men. It is true that it has been designed for MMA fighters and bodybuilders specifically and has an image that is mainly marketed to men. 
However, there are a lot of women who use Instant Knockout as a supplement to lose weight as well. It is perfectly safe for women to use. Not only is it safe, but it is very effective for women who want to lose weight, especially stubborn belly fat. Although we should note that it is of a relatively high caffeine content, so whilst this sort of dosage is more common in the best mens fat burners as they have a higher tolerance it should be fine for most women.  
Instant Knockout Cut can be just what overweight women need when they haven't had success in their weight loss journey with any other fat burners. The Instant Knockout supplement reviews made by customers online include a lot of women who are very happy with the fat loss results Instant Knockout has brought them. Although as mentioned if they're sensitive to caffeine they'd be better off with a caffeine free product like hourglass fit. 
Instant Knockout Cut is made using only all natural ingredients. These have a lot of health benefits. These can contribute to fat loss, give you more energy and be included in a balanced diet. Here we will highlight the most important ingredients included in Instant Knockout Cut which can help you with your weight loss process while maintaining lean muscle. 
Glucomannan is a dietary fiber and one of the best ingredients of fat burners you can get. Glucomannan will increase to 50 times its original size once it's in your stomach. This can help tremendously with appetite suppression. For glucomannan to work it's important to take it in adequate amounts. You usually notice glucomannan being effective when at least 1800 mg is consumed per day. This is exactly the amount of glucomannan contained in Instant Knockout fat burner supplements. And despite this swelling in your stomach and not being digestible, glucomannan is actually good for digestive issues. 
Instant Knockout contains 75 mg per pill, which amounts to 300 mg a day if you take four pills a day (as is the company's advice). The caffeine anhydrous that is in Instant Knockout will improve your thermogenesis, which helps you burn fat. This is quite a high dosage, coming in around 4 coffees, so if you're sensitive to caffeine instant knockout cut isn't for you.  
More importantly, caffeine helps with appetite control. It also gives you more energy. Keeping your energy levels up is important if you want to maintain lean muscle while burning fat. This makes the caffeine anhydrous in Instant Knockout a perfect ingredient in your weight loss journey. 
The cayenne pepper is an extract from cayenne pepper seeds. After caffeine cayenne pepper seeds are one of the most powerful ingredients for weight loss through thermogenesis. Although thermogenesis can contribute to weight loss, it is not the most effective part of a fat burner supplement. Instant Knockout has a healthy dose of cayenne pepper which, together with the other ingredients, will help you in lowering your body fat percentage. 
Both B6 and B12 are essential vitamin sources to reduce your fatigue and maintain your energy levels during and after exercising. Keeping your energy levels up is extremely important if you want to lose weight while continuing to exercise. The dosage of both these vitamins is very high in Instant Knockout Cut. This way you are sure you have enough essential nutrients to keep you going while exercising. 
This is an essential nutrient if you want to lose weight while keeping your muscle mass. Vitamin D3 helps you keep and cultivate muscle while burning fat. Just like the other vitamins, there is a hefty dose of vitamin D included in Instant Knockout. Vitamin D also has other health benefits next to burning fat, for example it helps with your immune system. Due to modern working conditions most people don’t get enough vitamin D
Green tea extract can help with weight loss by raising your NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). This means you burn more calories while not exercising. Although green tea extract is not the most powerful fat burner ingredient a supplement can contain it is definitely still helpful in losing weight. 
Black pepper extract has been shown to enhance your metabolic performance and help specifically with fat metabolism. It also aids in appetite control by making your stomach feel fuller. Both are important if you want to cut some pounds off of your body weight. 
Instant Knockout Cut is a great fat burning supplement if you want to lose weight while keeping your muscles intact. It is perfect for a lean and strong body composition. It's made specifically for athletes and bodybuilders, which makes it ideal for gym rats.  
This fat burning supplement is meant to be taken while you also keep exercising. That's why it is great that it includes caffeine to give you more energy to keep going. The essential vitamins it contains will help keep your energy levels up both during and after you are done exercising. If you exercise a lot and want to be losing fat, while maintaining your body weight in muscles Instant Knockout is the choice for you. All in all it's a good no nonsense fat burner that we recommend. 
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