Man Believes He's Johnny Depp's Son After Taking An Ancestry Test And Allegedly Found A Photo Of Depp With His Mom – Evie Magazine

James believes he might be the long-lost son of Johnny Depp. According to the TikToker, he thinks the Pirates of the Caribbean star met his mom in the Philippines while filming Platoon in 1986. James also found an old photo of an Asian woman with Depp on the set of Platoon, who he speculates is his mom. "There is a woman sitting behind him on set, and I believe her to be my mother," he claims.
His birth certificate has his father listed as "unknown," and his mom was also given a citation for not registering his birth for a year. This means James' date of birth (1986) could be incorrect: "So October 15, 1986 might not even be my actual birthday," he adds.
But many of James' questions about his father were left unanswered. "The abuse [from his mom] didn't really start until we hit America, and at the time, Johnny Depp was getting fairly big with all of his movies," he says. According to James, whenever he would ask his mom about his father, he was "met with violence." Lastly, James took an ancestry test that showed he was 16% Scottish, and 25% English, with some Welsh, German, and Irish on his father's side. The reactions to James' video have been mixed so far, but there are many users who are in agreement with him! "Half a sentence in and I believe you. Similarities in your voice and face are pretty strong," says Chelsey Sweet.
"I swear it has to be true, you’re the spitting image of him, but listen to your voice dude! You sound like him! comments Ruby Rayne.
"I don't see a resemblance to Johnny dept at all," adds @firstnamelastn920.

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Depp currently has two kids – Lily-Rose and Jack – with model Vanessa Paradis. Is it possible he has a third? Maybe not! While it's true that Depp was in the Philippines to film Platoon over 30 years ago, Depp was actually in a relationship with Twin Peaks actress Sherilyn Fenn around that same year.
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