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Slimmers don’t need to spend hours upon hours in the gym to see results. A 15 minute home is more than sufficient for and toning up, according to one fitness trainer.
Cara Metz is a fitness trainer who specialises in “helping midlife women lose fat and get their sexy back”.
She took to TikTok to share just seven simple exercises for over 40s.
“Women over 40, all you need is 15 minutes a day to change your life.”
The first exercise in the circuit is a Cross Knee.
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For this exercise you place one foot directly behind the other and your arms directly above you.
Bring your knee up and your arms down to meet each other.
Continue this movement for 50 seconds, then switch to the other leg for another 50.
Next up is the Squat to Lunge.
Start off in a wide squat, before turning your body to the left into a lunge, back into a squat and into a right lunge.
Repeat this sequence for 50 seconds.
Burpees can be daunting, so Cara’s next exercise modifies this.
For the Half Burpee, exercisers start in a plank position, jump their legs forward so they sit outside their hands, then straighten their back for a half squat.
Again, this must be repeated for 50 seconds.
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The expert’s next exercise for over 40s is a Lunge Hold for 25 seconds on each leg, bending the back leg each time to get closer to the ground.
Cara’s next move is the Wide Knee.
Create a wide stance, bring your arms above your head, lift one leg and bring the arms down to meet it in the middle for 25 seconds before repeating on the other leg.
Next, is the 50 second Walking Plank.
Fitness fiends should start off with their elbows on the ground and then lift each arm individually to create straight arms, before going back to elbows on the floor – again for 50 seconds.Weight loss: Calorie burning exercisesCara finishes off the workout with Slow Mountain Climbers, which sees you start in a plank position and slowly bring each knee into your chest.
All exercises should be completed twice, except the Slow Mountain Climber.
This should only be done once for a finisher.
Many women in the comments section were delighted with the accessibility of this workout.
@wetrashtalk said: “Oh this is doable for me!! Thank you.”
@momthriving04 added: “I really like your video. So effective! Thanks.”
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