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The Family Chantel’s Winter Everett spills her best weight loss secrets with her Instagram fans in a new workout video to inspire her followers.
Winter Everett from The Family Chantel showed eager Instagram fans her workout routine, which she follows after getting weight loss surgery on the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off. Atlanta native Winter has come a long way from being known as Chantel Everett’s sister on 90 Day Fiancé season 4. Winter’s personality has undergone a dramatic change after she got weight loss surgery in the spin-off’s season 4, which also dealt with Chantel and Pedro Jimeno’s divorce. Winter used to weigh over 300 pounds back then and quickly achieved her 230 pounds goal with a dedicated diet and exercise.
These days, Winter has been impressing her Instagram followers with her fashion choices and bold gym selfies. Seeing her workout videos, fans often reach out to Winter with questions about how to lose weight quickly. The Family Chantel star did reveal her secrets, but was honest in a video where she mentioned that one of the most asked questions she gets is “how do I lose weight in my stomach?” Winter confessed there is no “spot treatment for losing fat in your stomach outside of medical procedures.” But Winter did add that one can strengthen their core while they lose weight all over by performing exercises such as planking.
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The first thing that Winter does when she enters the gym is practice her “confidence walk” in front of a full-body mirror. Winter does deadlifts, but only with the help of a trainer. The Family Chantel star Winter suggests one should do them properly to not cause any injury. Winter keeps looking glam while sweating it out by using lip balm, which also acts as a motivator and keeps her going. Winter hates working on legs, but then she remembers Britney Spears saying, “You better work chick.” Winter recommends that one should keep recording videos on their weight loss journey “to show progress.
There was a time when Winter used to be a novice at the gym, but in 2022, there’s hardly a day when she doesn’t show up and show off her training to her butterfly babes. Winter is proud of the journey she is on, especially after she started to preach the motto of self-love following her painful split with ex-boyfriend Jah. The 90 Day Fiancé alum Winter is never shy of looking back to where she started, and neither is she secretive about how she used surgery to aid her weight loss.
While critics may feel Winter took the easy way out by opting gastric sleeve surgery like 90 Day Fiancé cast members such as Angela Deem or Tiffany Franco, it was a decision she took after years of research and discussions with her family. Winter also knows how to use her transformation to her advantage, and she has been doing so by using her body-positive content to inspire and support The Family Chantel fans while she promotes brands such as the lip balm in this video. Winter’s latest assignment as a model for a fashion label is also earning her praise from her admirers. And with Winter sharing her weight loss secrets, one can only expect her fan base to grow wider.
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Source: Winter Everett/Instagram
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