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Thanksgiving is just around the corner, and we all know what that means: family, friends, football, and, of course, lots and lots of food. Many of us are anticipating plates full of turkey, potatoes, and roasted veggies galore. Unfortunately, as scrumptious as Thanksgiving dinner can be, it can also really pack in the calories if you’re not careful, which can make enjoying the holiday difficult for those of us trying to slim down. However, you can absolutely still enjoy a delicious meal with your family without slowing your weight loss progress. It’s all about making healthy decisions. And according to experts, that means leaving certain foods off of your plate, including one seriously salty, carby option: boxed stuffing.
To learn more about why boxed stuffing is one of the worst Thanksgiving side dishes you should avoid this year, we spoke to Lisa Richards, nutritionist and creator of The Candida Diet. She told us about the dangers of this processed food and gave us her best tips for healthy alternatives (hint: you can still eat stuffing and lose weight!). Find it all below!

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Boxed stuffing

Stuffing is a Thanksgiving staple in many households—who doesn’t love carbs and seasoning? And for such a tasty side dish, the name is no joke. Sure, it’s called “stuffing” because it literally stuffs the turkey, but let’s be honest: indulging in this food will surely leave everyone at the dinner table feeling stuffed, too. And while some homemade varieties can be fine in moderation, Richards warns that boxed stuffing should be avoided by anyone trying to lose weight this holiday season.
“Traditional Thanksgiving meals are often loaded with unhealthy ingredients like refined carbohydrates, sugar, and fat,” Richards points out. “Unfortunately, this often applies to the most favorite items on the menu, like stuffing—specifically the boxed variety.” Say it ain’t so!
One of the main issues with boxed stuffing is its high refined carb and salt content. Overall, it’s packed with processed ingredients that can seriously throw a wrench in your weight loss goals. “Boxed stuffing is made with refined carbohydrates, high sodium, and questionable ingredients that slow metabolism and raise inflammation in the body,” she warns. Yikes! Guess it’s best to keep this dish off the menu this year.
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Healthy alternatives to boxed stuffing

Luckily, just because boxed stuffing is a bad idea, that doesn’t mean you have to give up stuffing altogether. Richards suggests going the homemade route instead. “It is quite easy to raise the health value of this side dish by simply making your own,” she says. “Use fresh ingredients like celery, onion, and herbs, whole wheat bread and low sodium broth to balance out the nutrition while keeping the great flavor.” 
For a dietitian-approved recipe that’s as healthy as it is tasty, you can try out Richards’ coconut bread stuffing, which is “completely gluten-free and free of added sugars, and packs a much more powerful nutritional punch than your regular store-bought loaf.” Nice!
Of course, at the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with indulging a bit at the dinner table. After all, Thanksgiving is about celebrating (and food). However, if you want to stay on track with your weight loss journey, remember that moderation is always key—and that healthy decisions can still be tasty ones. 
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