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Your droopy and loose arms don’t go well with your toned body. And, believe it or not, people who have flabby arms are aware of how difficult it is to shape them. If you have bingo wings, or extra fat and saggy skin beneath your arms, it’s time to tone them up!. And what could possibly be better than performing a few shoulder exercises to tighten them? It may seem challenging, but getting your upper arms in shape is not impossible.
So, get ready to embrace the exercises listed below because they can change the look of your flabby arms maybe even in less than a month!
Health Shots spoke to Vaneeta Batra, a transformational life coach, a fitness enthusiast, and a happiness guru, to find out the best exercises to get rid of bingo wings and get firm and toned arms.
Batra says, “Flabby arms occur when there is too little muscle for the amount of skin. The skin can sag in cases of quick and extreme weight loss and loss of fat tissues, unbalanced diet, high body fat percentage, lack of muscle strength, lifestyle, age, etc. However, a few exercises can help you tone and tighten your arm muscles.”
Resistance training is pretty much a guaranteed workout that can help tone and tighten your loose arms. Moreover, it is the best muscle strength workout.
Here’s how to perform it:
Dolphin pose can strengthen your arm muscles, boost flexibility and help you get rid of bingo wings, a term used to describe flabby arms among older women.
Here’s how to perform it:
Swimming works out the body’s major muscles, including the gluteal, back, forearm, shoulder, abdominal, and hamstring muscles. Batra says, “One of the best activities for arm workouts is swimming. It benefits your body’s majority of muscles, but your flabby arms in particular.” It can help you lose extra fat and get toned arms in return.
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One technique to improve your bodyweight strength is the push-up hold. Any hold that is added to a movement will give you additional stability in the body’s muscles, particularly the core and even the lower body. Additionally, it can tone your arm muscles and aid in the reduction of flabby arms.
Here’s how to perform it:
Your core, glutes, lower back, and shoulder muscles all work during the overhead tricep extension exercise.
Practice these shoulder exercises at home daily and big goodbye to bingo wings!
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