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Good news for all men out there trying to lose weight – according to several studies, men can drop weight faster, compared to women. This could be due to men usually having greater lean muscle mass, in comparison to women.

Still, even if your weight-loss journey has the chance of being fast, doing the wrong exercises can actually waste your time. Here are some common exercises, which nevertheless beneficial, can be skipped if your goal is to lose weight.
For those with the dream of building six-pack abs, ab machine workouts may not be as effective as you think. Rather than the size of the muscle in your abs, a six-pack has more to do with the subcutaneous fat (fat located under the skin) that covers the muscle.

The machine workout for abs may not be enough to torch those calories with the goal of burning your belly fat.
You must be doing these hard in your gym, hoping all the heavy weights and intensity might help you drop some kilos. However, these exercises work the muscles in a relatively limited range of motion. So the amount of effort put in these exercises may not be worth it for achieving weight loss.

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If you are focusing on weight-loss results, then yoga and pilates may let you down. While these are brilliant for boosting one’s mental well-being, balance, and flexibility, they won’t budge the weighing scale much, especially in the short-run. These exercises burn a relatively lower number of calories, compared to other weight-loss effective workouts.

Workouts like tennis, running, jogging, and swimming are effective in burning calories, along with boosting your cardiovascular wellness. However, just focusing on intense cardio can do you more harm, especially in the long run. Excessive cardio without striking a balance with strength training can make you lose your muscle mass. Instead, those who combine the two have the advantage of burning more calories throughout the day due to their higher muscle mass.

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To lose maximum weight in minimum time, focus on workouts that work on several muscle groups simultaneously.

Closed kinetic chain exercises can be excellent for weight loss. These are workouts in which your hand or foot remain fixed to the ground, while you perform the exercise. Some common examples include pushups, squats, pull-ups, and lunges. You can start with just your body weight and work-up with added weights.
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