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Many people get body shamed due to their heavy weight. We live in a time where physical appearance matter more than inner selves. This can affect someone's mental health to the extent that a person might feel inferior in front of others. 
Of, course staying fit is important but, one should not only focus on losing weight just to get a perfect size because there's nothing called perfect. Instead, their focus should be on leading a healthy lifestyle. 
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Recently, a YouTuber shared his transformational story that how he lost 15kg in just 100 days.

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In the interview with the Aajtak.in, this YouTuber shared his lost weight journey.
Name: Jeet Rathore
City: Delhi
Job: YouTuber and blogger
Length: 5 feet 8 inches
Max Weight: 94kg
Current Weight: 79 kg
Total Weight Loss: 15 kg
Weight Loss Journey of Jeet Rathore from 94 kg to 78 kg

How did Jeet Rathore transform himself in just 100 days?
Talking to Aajtak.in, Jeet Rathore said, "I have done transformation twice before but, this time the process was different. I was trying to lose weight for a long time but due to my marriage preparations and my office workload, I didn't pay attention to my body and kept gaining weight. When the lockdown came, all my work was done from home. Workload and unhealthy eating habits made me gain 94 kg. I lost all confidence in myself. When the lockdown got over and I started going to seminars, many times my fans used to meet me and say, "Sir aap face to face kuch alag dikhte hain." (sir, you look different in person) just those things made me think that I have to do something now.
Jeet Rathore further said, "After a few days my fitness trainer friend met me and he made me realise that I'm going wrong. He said that I should start my transformation journey today itself. After this, my friend's diet and workout plan helped me to lose 15 kgs in 100 days. Our focus was on muscle gain rather than fat burn which helped me get more fit. Today my weight is 78 kgs and I feel pretty good about myself."
Weight loss diet
Jeet Rathore said, "Our focus was already on muscle gain instead of reducing fat, so we paid more attention to protein diet. Took a low-carb diet for the first 50 days, then cut the carb further and the last For 7 days, carb was completely removed from the diet. In my diet, I used to take oats, dry fruits, and fruits in the morning and eat green vegetables with chicken, rice, and roti for lunch. After this in the evening after the workout, protein shake and for dinner, I used to eat chicken-rice-salad."
Jeet further said, "When the last 10 days were left, at that time we completely removed the carb from the diet so that the body uses the fat of the body as energy. By doing this, my weight was reduced from 78 to 75.
Jeet Rathore said, "In the first 10 days of starting the fitness journey, I only made my body used to exercise by going to the gym. So, that the body does not get a sudden shock. After that, I started weight training gradually. "I used to do different workouts on different days for each of my body parts. After this, after the 50th day, I started slow-intensity exercise which burns fat and not muscles. Then as the journey progressed, I started exercising twice a day. Used to do cardio or slow-intensity exercises on an empty stomach in the morning and weight training in the evening. I lost weight just because of following this workout routine."

Tips to lose weight
Jeet Rathore explains how one can lose weight, “One who wants to reduce his weight should be consistent in their routine. I thought of changing myself in 100 days and i knew i will. Just like this, if you keep a positive attitude towards your goal, then you can easily transform yourself. Anyone can lose weight with the right diet and physical activity. But keep in mind that always start your weight transformation with the help of an expert.
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