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Winter weight gain: Exercise at home if it’s too cold outside
Gaining weight in winter is a normal occurrence that’s typically brought on by things like decreased activity levels and excess calorie consumption over the holidays. Small weight swings are not a cause for concern, but gaining a large amount of weight over the winter can have a severe influence on your health and quality of life.
Fortunately, there are approaches to preserving a healthy body throughout the year without drastically reducing calories or turning to bad habits. Keep reading this article to understand why we gain in the winter season and how can we prevent it.
Here are some of the most common causes of weight gain in winter:
Many people decide not to continue their exercise habits because of the chilly weather. People struggle mostly because it’s difficult for them to access the outdoors and they don’t spend as much time outside.
Many often become lazy and skip exercising during the winter season
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It’s a lot simpler to get out of bed and get things done in the summer whenever the sun is out and the weather is nice. However, sometimes all you want to do is lie in bed when the cold sets in and the sun begin to set at 4 o’clock. Think about investing in winter attire that is appropriate and cozy to wear outdoors so you can rise with the sun and move around.
Your emotions and health might actually be significantly impacted by the absence of sunlight during the winter. A small number of people have Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), a kind of clinical depression, during the winter. Utilise the morning sun to make up for the lack of exposure throughout the evening.
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The winter season also conveniently happens to be the festive season. All Diwali, Christmas, NYE, and other festivities lead to overindulging in sweets and other unhealthy foods that might also be responsible for weight gain.
According to studies, the body’s quantities of melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleep-wake cycle and increases appetite, are up to 80% higher in the winter. Sleep disruptions can increase appetite, which may lead to greater consumption of calorie-dense meals and a higher likelihood of weight gain.
Your appetite increases during the winter season, as per studies
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If you’re currently overweight or have weight problems, you might be more likely than those who are slimmer to put on weight during the course of the holidays. A study found that whereas the typical person tends to gain one pound over the holidays, overweight people tend to gain five more pounds.
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There are various ways through which we can prevent or lower the weight gain we might experience in the winter season. Here are some of the tips to help you:
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Keep these things in mind if you wish to prevent weight gain this winter season.
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