Why Does Muscle Really Weigh More Than Fat? – Southlake Style

October 24, 2022
10:15 PM
It’s a very common question: does muscle weigh more than fat? You have probably heard that it does. But is that correct? 
“Strength Changes Everything” podcast host Brian Cygan, Exercise Coach founder, and Amy Hudson, an Exercise Coach franchisee, break down the age-old question of whether muscle really weighs more than fat and why the number on the scale can be very misleading when you’re trying to improve your health and fitness
When many people start a strength training program, they begin to feel stronger and notice additional muscle. Their pants might even fit differently. While they are noticing changes in their body, they may not be seeing decreases in weight. 
Brian explains the answer isn’t that muscle weighs more than fat. The explanation is that muscle is more dense than fat. Fat is more voluminous. As a result, muscle takes up less space within the body providing a leaner appearance. 
This is why you get a better change in body shape and health when you lose body fat as opposed to losing a combination of muscle and body fat. Therefore, the ideal approach to weight loss is to maximize fat loss while minimizing muscle loss. The only way to do that is to combine whole-food nutrition with strength training. 
Get rid of preconceived notions that a number on the scale means you’re healthy and instead focus on adding strength, losing body fat and feeling great. 
To learn more about the age-old question of muscle weight compared to body fat weight, listen to the “Strength Changes Everything” podcast episode 47.
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October 24, 2022
10:15 PM
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