You Must Cut Carbs to Lose Body Fat

lose body fat

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Fitness Myths Series

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The first things to go when I switch from bulking to cutting are:

  • -daily ice cream OUT (-200 kcal)
  • -swap peanut butter for tuna (-200kcal)
  • -swap bread/bagels for protein wraps (-300kcal)

From there I have to get a little more creative to drive the deficit lower… but it’s usually enough to then progressively introduce cardio to keep the weight loss going strong for a couple weeks.

Hi people dr mike Israel below for renaissance periodization. My new series starts today. Physical fitness myths. There are a lot of them, potentially infinite. Yet we’re going to take all of them down starting with this week’s video physical fitness misconception. As well as incidentally if you have some ideas that you believe could be myths might not be myths simply throw them in the comments.

And also, if you don’t have any type of concepts of your very own but you scroll through as well as you upload several of the ones you really want me to chat about, I’ll place them in the uh the deck. and also, we will wind up chatting regarding them and making certain that we sort right from incorrect physical fitness misconceptions

Primary episode for today is that you must reduce carbohydrates to shed fat I make sure you have actually listened to that before customarily as well as particularly in this brand-new series we’re going to take a very certain structure we’re going to chat regarding the insurance claim itself and also really kind of break down what is the case that’s. allegedly legendary we’ll speak about why. it’s possibly wrong or a minimum of the large. drawbacks of it then we’ll discuss. some grains of fact because virtually. every misconception has a grain of truth like. even level earth what’s the grain of. When you walk outside, truth. you understand what i’m claiming it looks quite flat right, so every misconception has a grain of truth…



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